Standard set for universal wireless charger

The Wireless Power Consortium says standards are now in place for manufacturers to deliver products that work with the universal Qi base.

Ben Woods Special to CNET News

The Wireless Power Consortium has finalized a standard for wireless charging of mobile devices, bringing universal charging for products one step closer to reality.

On Friday, the trade alliance said that it has agreed upon specifications for three key areas of the Qi low-power standard, which is based on magnetic induction technology. The three areas are interface definition, which outlines the requirements for power transfer between the transmitter and receiver; the performance requirements; and the test procedure for compliance with the standard.

The specifications for the interface definition have been released to consortium members, with the public release set for August 30. Information on the other standards will be given to group members only, the consortium said. The announcement means that member manufacturers can now get to work on Qi-based devices, though each piece of hardware will still need to be certified.

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