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Sprint's free service helps customers detect, block robocalls

A $2.99-per-month Plus option lets customers see callers' names, even if they're not in their contacts list.


Sprint is rolling out a feature to help block unwanted calls.

Angela Lang/CNET

Sprint on Tuesday said it's rolling out a new free service called Sprint Call Screener Basic to identify and block unwanted malicious calls. The service reports the highest risk, unwanted callers like fraudsters, and gives users the option to block those calls.   

The company is also launching Sprint Call Screener Plus, a $2.99-per-month, per-line service that includes more features, such as the ability to see callers' and texters' names, even if they're not in your contact list. The service also identifies, blocks and reports lower-risk calls; categorizes incoming calls as fraud, spam or robocalls, and maintains a record of blocked and risky numbers. 

"Illegal and unwanted robocalls are a real and growing problem, with some estimates totaling 65 billion spam calls in 2019," Doug Smith, Sprint's vice president of product marketing and product innovation, said in a release. "Sprint Call Screener Basic service is an easy and convenient way to combat this growing annoyance and to filter out high-risk, unwanted calls – all at no cost to our customers."

Sprint Call Screener is available for Android and iOS. Customers will get a 15-day free trial of the Plus service option and will automatically be enrolled in the free Basic option if they don't subscribe to Plus.