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Sprint unveils dual-screen Echo phone (live blog)

Sprint Nextel takes the wraps off its new Kyocera smartphone, touting it as the first of its kind, a sort of mini-tablet that lets you "simultask."

Kyocera's Junzo Katsuki and Sprint's Dan Hesse show off the new Echo smartphone at a New York event Monday night.
Sarah Tew

Editor's note: This live event has concluded. You can replay our full coverage of the announcement--including the David Blaine magic show Sprint used to warm up the crowd--in the Cover It Live module at the bottom of this post. Or, for details on the new Echo device and hands-on photos, check out this summary post.

NEW YORK--Sprint Nextel will take the wraps off a new smartphone at an event here this evening.

Sprint's new Kyocera Echo smartphone, sporting two touch screens, is unveiled at a New York event Monday night. Sarah Tew

The company has been tight-lipped about the announcement. But The Wall Street Journal today reported the new smartphone will be a dual-touch-screen device running the Android operating system. The phone, made by Kyocera, is reportedly called the Echo and has two 3.5-inch touch screens that can be opened up side by side.

CNET will be at the event here in Manhattan where the new device is to be revealed. I will be blogging the news live with commentary from CNET Reviews editors Bonnie Cha and Kent German and photos from CNET photographer Sarah Tew. The event starts at 3 p.m. PT. Sign up for a reminder to the live blog below:

Editors' note: The original, pre-event version of this story was published at 9:46 a.m. PT.