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Sprint's unlimited data plan for a single line goes up $10

The $50 unlimited plan is no longer available for a single line, according to Sprint's website -- but its family plans might save you some cash.

Sprint's unlimited plan is now $10 higher for new single-line customers.
Josh Miller/CNET

Sprint's $50 unlimited data plan for a single line is no more. The carrier's website now lists the plan at $60 per month. A Sprint spokesperson confirmed the change to CNET, which went into effect Friday.

The $50 Unlimited Freedom plan, introduced earlier this year as part of a promotion, will remain in effect for existing customers who have already signed up. Those customers will keep the $50 rate until June 30, 2018. After that, the price will bump up to the $60 rate now being offered to newbies.

Families may see some savings by signing on with the yellow carrier, however. Sprint now offers a $100 per month rate for customers with two to five lines of service. That's a $20 increase from Sprint's previous $80 for two lines, but it's also a $20 savings on Sprint's previous $120 for four or five lines.

Sprint's website says the current plan prices will remain in effect for customers that sign up until January 31, 2019. The prices will then change to $60 per month for the first line, $40 per month for the second line and $30 per month per line for the third through the fifth.

Interestingly, Sprint's free year of service promotion is still in effect for new customers that already have a Sprint-compatible phone on another network. The promotion was first announced as a limited time offer for July, and while it's still considered limited, it simply hasn't ended.

First published Oct. 13, 2:33 p.m. PT
Update 2:47 p.m.: Added comment from Sprint.