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¡Aló! Sprint and T-Mobile open calling plans to Cuba

US wireless customers now have new options to call and message family and friends in Cuba.

T-Mobile and Sprint brands offering calls and messages to Cuba. Josh Miller/CNET

Both Sprint and T-Mobile are making it easier to contact friends and family members living in Cuba. On Monday, both wireless providers introduced options to dial the island nation.

Sprint has announced the immediate availability of a new Sprint Cuba 20 Plus add-on feature. Priced at $10 per month, it provides 20 voice minutes to any phone line in Cuba. Additional minutes will cost 70 cents each; new and existing customers can add the bundle to phone plans.

T-Mobile's prepaid arm, MetroPCS, reaches out across the sea to add Cuba to its World Calling plan. For $10 a month, customers can place unlimited calls to land lines in more than 75 countries, and unlimited texts to most countries.

For Cuba specifically, MetroPCS subscribers get 20 minutes of monthly calling time to landlines and mobile phones. The bundle also includes 200 minutes to mobile phones in select countries.

Boost Mobile, a prepaid subsidiary of Sprint, already offers discounted calls to Cuba. Subscribers can make calls for as low as 70 cents per minute with a Todo Mexico Plus or International Connect plan.