Sprint ramps up 3G, adds Spark LTE network in Chicago

Sprint's customers in Chicago should expect more reliability and faster speeds, the company reported on Tuesday.

Sprint's data network in Chicago has gotten a boost, the company announced on Tuesday.

As part of its "rip and replace" initiative, Sprint removed old equipment on cell towers around Chicago and replaced it with new and improved technology that will deliver a more reliable 3G service in the city. The effort was part of a year-long initiative to improve Chicago's Sprint service, and included its fair share of downtime as it was being ramped up.

For its part, Sprint says that the new 3G network should fix those instability issues and improve data and voice service across the city.

In addition to improving its 3G network, Sprint has also brought its Spark high-speed network to Chicago. Announced earlier this year, Sprint is a tri-band LTE service, offering a possible peak speed of 50Mbps to 60Mbps.

According to Sprint, it plans to deploy Spark to approximately 100 cities over the next three years.