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Sprint Prepaid plans revamped with new data options

Sprint Prepaid, which launched earlier this year, now has three plans and all include data. But the service is only available on select phones.

Lynn La/CNET

Sprint Prepaid, a service the carrier launched earlier this year to appeal to customers seeking a prepaid plan who didn't want to go with a smaller brand, has updated its plans.

The carrier announced on Monday that it's now offering Sprint Prepaid customers three plans. All three plans include unlimited talk and text, but the cheapest, $35-per-month option comes with 1GB of data. The $45 option bumps the data allowance to 3GB, while the $55-per-month version comes with 6GB of data allowance. The plans are similar to those offered by Sprint's other prepaid brands, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. No contract is required.

Sprint Prepaid launched in March as an alternative for customers who didn't want to opt for Virgin or Boost. The service is designed for consumers who want a no-contract offer without credit checks, but still want to stick with a national carrier like Sprint. Sprint Prepaid is offered at Sprint stores.

When Sprint Prepaid launched, the company offered two plans. The first, a $45-per-month offering, allowed for unlimited talk and text but no data connectivity over the Sprint network. A $60 plan added 2.5GB of data.

In a statement Monday, Sprint acknowledged that data is increasingly important to its customers, saying that "everyone wants data regardless of how they choose to pay for their wireless service."

Sprint Prepaid is available on a select number of phones, including Apple's iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy S4 Mini. Customers can sign up now for the new plans.

Sprint declined CNET's request for additional comment on the new plans.