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Sprint MiFi 3G/4G hot spot selling for $79.99

Sprint's latest mobile hot spot will become available in stores on April 17, but you can start ordering it online now.

Sprint MiFi 3G/4G from Novatel Wireless

Sprint customers looking to tuck a zippy Wi-Fi hot spot in their pocket can now consider the Sprint MiFi 4082 3G/4G Mobile hot spot, created by Novatel Wireless.

The WiMax-capable hot spot is available via DirectShip through Sprint, but it can be picked up in brick-and-mortar stores starting April 17. It costs $79.99 for the sleek-looking hardware, plus a mobile plan with a new two-year service agreement or upgrade. Those begin at $49.99 per month.

We got a chance to try out a MiFi unit last month during CTIA. The battery was long-lasting when we tried it, but unfortunately, the available 3G and 4G data signals were so weak in the crush of mobile movers and shakers, we didn't get much use out of the unit in Orlando, Fla. Never fear, we'll revisit the hot spot in a hands-on review.