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Sprint increasing smartphone data plans by $10

Seeing an explosion of mobile data, Sprint will increase its smartphone data plans at the end of January.

With rising data usage and rising network costs, Sprint announced today that it will increase its Everything Data plans by $10 per month on new smartphone activations starting January 30.

This new Premium Data add-on, which Sprint already charges on its 4G handsets, applies to all smartphones, including BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Palm, and Instinct devices. Note, however, that if you own one of these smartphones and are still under contract, you won't see a change in your monthly bill until you upgrade to a new device.

Sprint still argues that its Everything Data plans, which includes unlimited text, Web, and calling, offer the best value compared with its competitors, but notes that smartphone customers consume 10 times more data than feature phone users and maintaining and expanding its data network has costs involved.

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