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Sprint garners new Amethyst Purple Galaxy S3

Sprint adds an Amethyst Purple version of Samsung's Galaxy S3 to its lineup.

Brian Bennett Former Senior writer
Brian Bennett is a former senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET.
Brian Bennett
Samsung Galaxy S3

Don't want to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to hit stores? Then perhaps you'll be tempted by a new purple-hued version of Samsung's hit handset from last year, the Galaxy S3. Sprint announced it will sell a special Amethyst Purple GS3, as well as the older Pebble Blue and Marble White models, for $99.99.

Of course that discount applies only to customers who bring their service and phone number from other carriers, or existing subscribers who add another line. That lops $99.99 off the Galaxy S3's unsubsidized $549.99 price. You also have to sign another two-year contract, which brings the cost down another $400. It's only after this, plus having the diligence to mail in and collect the final rebate for $50, that Galaxy S3 shoppers enjoy the phone for no upfront fee.

You should also consider Sprint's network performance before jumping into this deal. While the carrier offers plans for unlimited data, its 4G LTE is only available in a handful of markets and its aging 3G infrastructure consistently delivers data speeds well below that of even T-Mobile's 3.5G HSPA+ network. Indeed this was born out again in my latest experience with the upcoming HTC One for Sprint. Its AT&T sibling surfing on 4G LTE blew the doors of our tests, whereas the Sprint model crawled at a snail's pace.