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Sprint Customer Service - A Good Experience

While I normally find Sprint's customer service lacking on many levels, I've recently had three very nice technical support experiences.


In the past I've found Sprint's customer service lacking on many levels, however, this week I've had three very nice technical support experiences.

I had requested over a week ago that my free service from Sprint be canceled so I could put the Pre on my own account to more fully experience it's features. I got an email saying they would turn it off last Tuesday night, but as of this Monday morning the service was still connected. I finally turned the phone back on, knowing I would enjoy using the Pre on my trip. And I did. For the first 3 hours.

When I got off the plane and turned my phone back on, my service had been disconnected. More than a little annoyed I canceled my call forwarding and pulled out the old Samsung Instinct, thankful I'd heeded my husband's advice to bring it along, just in case.

The next morning I got on the phone with Sprint's customer service. The first person I talked to was very helpful, spoke English well, and almost had my service transferred when I lost the connection due to me being in a bad service area. I called back and got an equally helpful woman who had me connected and ready to make calls within 5 minutes. She was amazing!

I was told my data connection could take up to an hour to begin working, but that I should be able to make calls right away. She was correct, I could make calls!

However, after a full day my data connection still wasn't working.

When I got home I jumped online to chat with a Sprint Customer Service Rep and she advised me to refresh the data connection from within the phone's settings. Once I completed the 3 or 4 short steps, my data connection worked.

While I hate that I had so many problems to begin with, I applaud Sprint's Technical and Customer Service folk for being friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.