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Spotify Premium: Everything to know about the new design

The Radio and Browse buttons go bye-bye.

Matt Elliott/CNET

If you're a Spotify Premium subscriber, you might have just noticed that your Spotify app looks a little different. 

In an effort to streamline operations, the new, updated Spotify Premium app ditched a couple of buttons. The Browse and Radio buttons are no longer at the bottom of the app, leaving you with only three: Home, Search and My Library. The new home page features useful Your heavy rotation and Recently played sections at the top, with favorites like Daily Mix and Release Radar playlists below.

Read on to find out where your browsing options are now located and what's changed with artist radio.

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Browse is now in Search

The Search page contains more than just a search bar. At the top of the Search page, you can perform a keyword search for an artist, song, album, playlist, podcast and more. Below the search bar are your browsing buttons, starting with a useful section at the top that shows Your top genres. These change over time as your listening habits change. Below that is a lengthy section of the familiar browsing categories -- by genre, mood, activity and more -- that you can peruse.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Where to find radio

With no radio button, how does one access Spotify's radio function? The radio function now hides behind the triple-dot button on an artist or album page, or next to a song in search results. Just tap the ... button in the top right of an artist or album page or to the right of a song in search results and then tap Go to radio.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Get to know the new artist radio playlists

The update introduces new artist radio playlists that are personalized to your listening habits and can be downloaded for offline use. You'll find these new artist radio playlists, however, only from the Search page. Search for an artist and then scroll down to the Featuring section of playlists on the artist's page and you'll find one labeled as the artist's Radio

Screenshots by Matt Elliott/CNET

From this playlist, you'll get a Download toggle switch that will download the first 50 or so songs of the endless artist radio playlist. If you get to an artist's page from the Your Library button instead of Search and go the triple-dot route to start playing the artist's radio, you'll get a different playlist that you can't download. 

It's confusing that Spotify has two versions of artist radio and something I'd wager gets addressed in a future update.

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