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Spotify Kids is a standalone app to keep young ears safe

Welcome to the land of Baby Shark.

Spotify Kids

Spotify Kids is coming. 


Spotify is looking to bring in a new generation of subscribers with its new app, Spotify Kids. Currently in beta in Ireland, the new app will have content intended for children with the parents in full control. 

Spotify Kids will be available for those with a Premium Family subscription, which costs $14.99 a month, when the app rolls out in their respective markets, according to a release from the company Wednesday. Parents will have full control over the music in the app by setting up an account for their child and deciding what content will be available for them. 

Editors at Spotify curate music and audio stories to make sure everything is child-friendly. Spotify Kids also has its own UI that changes depending on the age of the child. The company says it's been working on kids content for the past two years and sought out experts to help come up with a suitable offering. 

Spotify is beta-testing the new app in Ireland first to get feedback from parents. The company will then roll out Spotify Kids to more markets in the future.

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