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Speck's sporty new iPhone case has germaphobes covered

With the Presidio Sport, Speck has created its first iPhone case with antimicrobial technology and a soft-to-the-touch finish.

The Speck Presidio Sport is available in a few different colors.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Speck makes a lot of different variations of its Presidio Series cases for iPhones (and Samsung Galaxy phones), but the new Presidio Sport may be the best version yet. 

Available for the iPhone 7/8 and iPhone X in a few different color options, it was ostensibly designed for gym rats or people who run with their iPhones. But it's basically a tougher version of Apple's Silicone case and has a similar soft-to-the-touch finish that's nice and grippy.  Speck calls it a "no-slip grip."

Typically, Speck cases have featured harder plastic shells -- some of them glossy -- so the new finish really is new. So, too, is the addition of Microban antimicrobial technology, which is supposed to "inhibit the growth bacteria that causes stains and odors." This is not the first iPhone case to feature such technology, but it's a first for Speck.

I haven't tested the Presidio Sport long enough to see how it holds up over time. Nor have I swabbed the case and compared how much bacteria resides on it versus bacteria levels on other cases. But it feels good in your hand and isn't too bulky for a tough case.

The only downside: It's a little expensive at $45 or £25 (it's coming soon to Australia for around AU$60). However, Apple's Silicone case is $39, so maybe it's not such a bad deal when you consider that it's more protective and has that extra layer of Microban.