Speck marks Halloween with three iPhone 5 cases

More and more case makers are putting out special-edition cases to 'celebrate' different holidays -- including Halloween.

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David Carnoy
This is one of 3 'spooky' CandyShell cases that Speck's put out for Halloween lovers. Speck Products

I can't say I'm that into Halloween that I'd buy a special Halloween iPhone case. But I guess there are enough people who are, because otherwise Speck wouldn't bother selling them.

The company has three "spooky" cases to choose from and I think the one with the skull on it (pictured above) probably has the most year-round appeal. I only mention that because these cases do retail for $34.95, which seems a bit steep for a case you'd have on your phone for only a few weeks.

But then again, there are probably people who have an iPhone case for every season and holiday. After all, more and more case manufacturers, including Speck, are doing holiday-themed cases. Not sure if there will be a Thanksgiving one, but you can certainly expect lots of Christmas cases come December.