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Special coverage: Macworld 2007

Look here for the latest news, images and video from Macworld 2007, including information on the long-awaited iPhone.

The iPhone has landed While it's had to compete with CES -- the world's biggest gadget show -- this year, Macworld 2007 in San Francisco has certainly captured the attention of tech devotees worldwide.

Steve Jobs' keynote address saw the arrival of a product long rumoured but never confirmed -- the Apple iPhone.

Along with debuting this combined smartphone/iPod/OS X-powered PDA (which Australians will unfortunately have to hold out for until 2008), Jobs revealed more details on the upcoming Apple TV device, which allows users to wirelessly stream multimedia content from up to five computers to their television. He also announced that the company has officially dropped the "Computer" part of its name, in recognition of the move into portable audio, iTunes store downloads and living-room multimedia.

For more news, videos and photo galleries on all the new products and announcements, check out our links below.

Apple iPhone hands-on: pros and cons's Jeremy Roche gets a quick hands-on play with the iPhone, Apple's first mobile phone, in a Q&A session with the company's vice president of iPod products, Greg Joswiak.

Analysis: A heavy load for the iPhone to bear
It's sleek and it's sexy, but still must contend with issues from price to typing speed and wireless realities.

iPhone, Apple TV
Photo gallery: Up close with iPhone, Apple TV
A close-up look at Apple TV and the iPhone, which has iPod, mobile phone and wireless Internet functionality.

News: Cisco sues Apple over iPhone name
Cisco has fired the first shots in the war over the iPhone name filing a lawsuit against Apple on Wednesday in the US for infringing its trademark.

Photo gallery: Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone
Yes, it's finally here. Steve Jobs shows off the features to the Macworld crowd in his keynote address.

News: Finally, Apple answers call for iPhone
In one of the most anticipated gadget announcements in recent years, Apple Computer at Macworld on Tuesday introduced the "iPhone", a mobile device that CEO Steve Jobs promised will reinvent the phone.

First Take: Apple iPhone
The verdict at this very early stage? We're certainly enamoured based on the tech specs, but we'll need to get our hands on one to see whether the long list of features translates to an equally wonderful user experience. Get the run-down and view images here.

News: Glance's screen-sharing software available for Macs
Glance Networks is making its screen-sharing software, once exclusive to Windows, available in a Mac version.

Apple TV First Take: Apple TV
Apple's digital media player that can stream movies, music, and photos from networked PCs and Macs.

Apple TV
Photo gallery: Dreaming of the iPhone
The iPhone is finally here, but back when it existed only in minds of Apple devotees, the Web was awash with creative renderings of what an iPod phone might look like. Here are a few of our favourite examples.