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Southwing SH305: Press and call

The Southwing SH305 is a wee headset with a difference. You can save a telephone number on it and call it with the push of a button

Southwing, a relatively small Bluetooth headset company, has sent Crave the SH305, which has a cute new feature that allows you to make a call by tapping your earpiece.

The SH305 is a simple Bluetooth headset that looks much like a common-or-garden laser gun. It measures 42mm long and uses an ear bud and collar to attach itself to your head. It has the standard volume up and volume down buttons and comes with three changeable covers. The big fun, however, is the push4 button -- basically, a system that lets you save a number on the headset. When you press a button it calls that number.

This we liked. If you're a driver who always calls home, or to your company, or to the love of your life, this could be useful. - AL