'Sources' out BlackBerry Z10 as RIM's first new smartphone

Code names burst open if this latest BlackBerry rumor proves true, revealing RIM's name for its comeback-hopeful.

RIM's 'BlackBerry L10' could emerge as the BlackBerry Z10.

A comeback phone needs a catchy name, and for Research In Motion, the handle in question could be the BlackBerry Z10.

Previously it was known by its "L-series" alias, but unnamed sources have now outed the product name of RIM's next BlackBerry smartphone, according to Unwired View.

In addition to learning RIM's new name for the all-touch device, these sources allegedly also supplied documentation in the form of the promotional material pictured here.

BlackBerry Z10, RIM's first BlackBerry 10 phone?
BlackBerry Z10, RIM's first BlackBerry 10 phone? Unwired View

Rumors also point to a second phone that will feature a full QWERTY keyboard in the kind of layout most synonymous with BlackBerry smartphones of RIM's heyday.

Whether the rumor holds true or not, I do think the Z10 name rolls easily off the tongue. Moreover, it's a welcome departure from RIM's usual, heavily numbered nomenclature.

RIM will launch its new smartphone and Blackberry 10 operating system on January 30 in New York and Toronto, in addition to other cities around the world.