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Sound ID releases two new Bluetooth headsets

Sound ID has just announced two new Bluetooth headsets, the Sound ID 200 and the Sound ID 300.

Sound ID 300
Sound ID 300 Sound ID
Sound ID 200
Sound ID 200 Sound ID

Sound ID has just announced two new Bluetooth headsets at CTIA 2009, the Sound ID 300 and the Sound ID 200. We've been quite impressed by Sound ID Bluetooth headsets in the past, especially since they're apparently made with the science of hearing in mind (Sound ID's founder is an otologist at Stanford University). The last Sound ID headset we reviewed was the SM100, which was released almost two years ago, so we're glad to see these new headsets.

Both headsets have Noise Navigation technology that optimizes speech intelligibility and automatically reduces wind and background noise, Real Comfort ear loops that are designed for both comfort and to better channel sound into the ear, and automatic volume control. The Sound ID 300 is slightly more advanced, with an additional feature called Personal Sound technology. You can choose from three listening modes to best suit your environment or hearing preference. The Sound ID comes in a glossy black and is available exclusively via AT&T Wireless for $99.99 (it has an MSRP of $119.99). The Sound ID 200, on the other hand, is sold at a variety of outlets, including Amazon, Fry's, Apple retail stores, and Sound ID's own Web site, also for $99.99.