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Sony Xperia Z is a free mobile when you buy a new Bravia TV

Buy a TV, get a free mobile phone: Sony is throwing in a free Sony Xperia Z smart phone when you buy a new Bravia HDTV.

Free stuff is the best stuff. I know it; you know it; and Sony knows it -- which is why Sony is throwing in a free Sony Xperia Z smart phone when you buy a new Bravia HDTV.

The free mobile phone comes with the 55-inch or 46-inch Bravia W9, starting from around £1,800. Or you can opt for the cheaper Bravia W8, which comes with a mid-range Xperia L gratis.

The offer is more than just a random phone tacked on to your telly purchase. The Xperia Z actually talks to your TV: tap the phone to the remote control and a wireless connection is established, allowing you to show off your pictures, videos, apps and games from the phone on the TV.

Blower and box pair up with NFC, which allows two devices to connect with a mere tap and doesn't require complex setup.

The Bravia W9 TV is a high-definition LED-backlit set. Sony says the W9's X-Reality PRO engine "analyses, cleans and refines images" to make the most of even lower-resolution footage like videos from the Web, or shaky videos from your phone's camera.

Still, that shouldn't be a problem as the Xperia Z has an excellent 13-megapixel camera. The large 5-inch screen might be a little hefty for your pocket, but getting one for free is a good deal: we were impressed enough with this waterproof 4G phone to award it a coveted CNET Editors' Choice Award.

The free phone offer begins on 23rd May -- that's tomorrow, calendar fans! -- and is available from Sony Centres, John Lewis, Currys, and other selected shops. If you do bag yourself a free phone, don't forget to check out our 25 tips for the Sony Xperia Z.

Would you lean towards a particular TV in order to bag a free phone, or is this just a gimmick to get rid of some phones? Add a comment below and we'll give you a free comment over on our Facebook page.