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Sony SmartWatch now open for tweaking

Sony has opened up its SmartWatch to Android developers.

Sarah Tew/CNET

In a move to gin up excitement for its current SmartWatch gadget, Sony has opened the device to software developers. With these new coding tools, enthusiasts now hopefully have what they need to craft custom firmware for the Android timepiece.

Sony recently updated the official software for the SmartWatch, which greatly improved its stability. It's clear the company ripped open the internal workings of the watch to encourage the minting of novel and exciting solutions and beef up its ecosystem. I personally would like to see fancy new apps, skins, and other wild innovations I can't even begin to imagine hit the Google Play store.

Heck, I'd be happy if people created slick watch faces able to stand up to what Pebble owners enjoy. Of course the SmartWatch is still limited ultimately by its hardware. The most damning of its physical faults is how the watch's display washes out under strong sunlight. That said, it's an interesting development (no pun intended) and one that I wish other big electronics companies had the courage to implement.