Sony reveals IMX586, the world's highest-resolution phone-camera image sensor

The new sensor will feature 48 effective megapixels.

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Sony is pushing the envelope when it comes to phone camera sensors.

Josep Lago / AFP/Getty Images

Sony said Monday that it's designed the highest-resolution image sensor for phone cameras, offering 48 effective megapixels.

This increased pixel count allows for 8,000 x 6,000 photos and high-definition imaging even when an image is zoomed in, the company says.

Its 0.8 micron pixel size will work with a  Quad Bayer color filter array to match the colors of the adjacent 2 x 2 pixels and avoid noisy, dim image quality when taking photos in low-light conditions.


The images on the left shows a shot from a conventional phone camera image (with 12 effective megapixels), while the right side shows photos from a camera with the IMX586 sensor (with 48 effective megapixels).


"Original Sony exposure control technology and signal processing functionality are built into the image sensor, enabling real-time output and a superior dynamic range that is four times greater than conventional products," the company notes.

Sony plans to start shipping the sensors in September, at a price  of 3,000 yen ($27).

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