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Sony Ericsson's Vivaz says, 'Oh, shiny!'

At Mobile World Congress, CNET gets the Sony Ericsson Vivaz on video.

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BARCELONA, Spain--Sony Ericsson spilled the beans on its new Vivaz three weeks before Mobile World Congress, but the device was a big part of the company's presence at the show, not least because it begat the new Vivaz Pro. And since MWC gave us our first chance to check out the device, we tracked it down at Sony Ericsson's crowded booth to give it the photo and video treatment.

On the outside, it's an attractive device with a shiny finish in moon silver, galaxy blue, cosmic black, and Venus ruby. The back side is slightly curved as part of Sony Ericsson's new effort to design phones that mimic the curve of your hand. Multimedia features abound, and though we didn't test the call quality, we like what we can see from the outside. We'll keep you posted on North American availability.