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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 gets September launch date, but not in U.S.

At CTIA Fall 2008, Sony Ericsson announces a September 30 launch date for the Xperia X1 smartphone for certain markets but not the United States.

Sony Ericsson

Why? Why must you tease, Sony Ericsson? On Wednesday, the cell phone manufacturer announced an official launch date for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, but only for certain markets. Naturally, North America is not one of the lucky ones. No, only the United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden will be able to get their hands on the hot Xperia X1 come September 30, while the rest of us admire from afar and continue to wait it out.

Sony Ericsson did say that the Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone will make its way to other markets across Europe, Asia, and Latin America throughout Q4. You can check out a full list of countries on Sony Ericsson's press site. As for North America, China, and Russia, well, all the company could reveal was that the launch dates will be announced by local markets in the "coming months." Lovely; how vague. I suppose the one bright side is that we know the product is in final form and ready to ship. I know, little consolation but it's something, right?

As part of CTIA Fall 2008, Sony Ericsson also hosted a breakfast/panel discussion Wednesday morning here in San Francisco to discuss the SDK for the Xperia X1, as well as try to explain how the X1 will rise above the competition. Check back soon and I'll have more details about what was discussed at the session.