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Sony Ericsson Xperia Android 2.1: Now due in September

Xperia owners rejoice. You'll be getting an Android 2.1 update for phones by the end of September if a Twitter post made by the official Sony Ericsson tweeter is true.

Good news for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners -- you've been promised an Android 2.1 update by the end of September.

On the official Sony Ericsson Twitter feed, Sony Ericsson replied to a query about when there would be Xperia update with "we can only confirm that the upgrade to Android 2.1 is due for release before the end of September this year."

This would update the Xperia X10, and possibly the X10 Mini and Mini Pro from Android 1.6 OS to 2.1 Eclair. This should be a pleasant surprise to Sony Ericsson owners, as in May they were told in a blog post that they might have had to wait until December for the update.

We also reported today that the Dell Streak will get an Android 2.1 update tomorrow, which could significantly improve its performance. 

The Android upgrade situation for all manufacturers and mobile network carriers has been fraught to say the least.

In one of the worst examples, British Motorola Dext owners on Orange were told in simple terms that they didn't matter and that their Android OS wasn't ever going to be upgraded again, causing anger.

But there have also been problems over upgrading to Android 2.2 for HTC Desire owners, as there was a delay from the time HTC brought out an Android update to networks actually putting it on locked devices.

Vodafone has particularly been in the wars with HTC Desire owners, after some downloaded an update thinking it was Android 2.2 and then finding out it was actually filled with Vodafone apps. And Orange Desire owners have also been delayed with their 2.2 update until the middle of the month.

Are you a Sony Ericsson Xperia owner and looking forward to getting Android 2.1 on your handsets? And are you happy that it's earlier than Sony Ericsson originally planned, or frustrated that you've had to wait this long? Let us know.