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Sony Ericsson W980: Shakin' 8GB Walkman phone

The Sony Ericsson W980 takes the stage at Mobile World Congress, a new clamshell Walkman phone with shake control and 8GB memory

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Richard Trenholm
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The next phone to face the music at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman phone. This clamshell model packs an 8GB onboard memory. The manufacturers reckon that's 8,000 songs.

The W980 includes both an FM receiver for listening to the radio, and an iTrip-style FM transmitter for making your own radio. This allows you to beam your tunes to a car stereo or other FM radio. There are eight equaliser presets built-in for different types of music. You also get Shazam-esque TrackID feature, which can "identify any track that you just can't put a name to" and may be useful in the music round down the Dog and Sprocket.

All the music player controls are duplicated on the outside of the phone, so you don't have to open the W980 to shuffle, skip and repeat. Shake control is also featured ,for changing tracks by joggling the phone about. It also comes with in-ear HPM-77 stereo headset for handsfree calls.

The W980 also boasts HSDPA (3.5G), and should hit the shops around June 2008. -Rich Trenholm