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Sony Ericsson goes slim, sexy with the Vivaz Pro

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz and Vivaz Pro and pretty and trim. CNET gives you a closer look.

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BARCELONA, Spain--We were first on the show floor at the Mobile World Congress Monday morning to get our hands on Sony Ericsson's new Vivaz and Vivaz Pro. Even as the gates opened, the crowds were thick in Sony Ericsson's booth, which is usually the case with one of MWC's most active participants. The Vivaz

The phones hit high on the design scale. We like the reflective skin on both models and their trim, aerodynamic profiles. Sony Ericsson is big on a new trend of producing phones with curved backs. Apparently, they're supposed to mimic the shape of your hand. We see what they're going for, but we're not sure that it's more than a gimmick. We also don't like it when phones wobble when you rest them on a flat surface.

Check out the photo gallery above for a closer look at each model. We have yet to test the performance, but Sony definitely succeeded at making them slim and sexy.