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Sonic Chair: Cocoon yourself in futuristic bliss

The Sonic Chair provides a truly futuristic listening environment -- it's an egg-shaped chair pod... with speakers. How good does it sound? For £4,000, very good, we hope

You thought those Shure SE530 earphones we love so much sounded good? Check this k-rad piece of audible madness -- the Sonic Chair. Although it looks like that egg-chair thing Will Smith sat an exam in during the first Men In Black movie, it's actually a futuristic listening pod with multiple speakers embedded into the chair's body.

This is supposed to provide a sonic listening environment unrivalled by even the best headphones normal companies can throw at us. It reminds us of the Oculas sensory-deprivation pod from a few years back, but not quite as dork-hot.

Any audio source can plug into the chair and engineers can be asked to install a touchscreen control interface too. How that works is anyone's guess, but it's a relentlessly trippy idea.

Don't expect your next paycheck to cover the cost though; the Sonic Chair costs £4,000. For that kind of money we expect at least a vibrating function thrown in. And a cup holder. -Nate Lanxon