Social-networking app Path finally forges its way to the iPad

The company rebuilt its iPhone app, which lets users build private social networks with friends and family, from the ground up for tablet use.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
A look at Path for the iPad.
A look at Path for the iPad. Path

Path, the social-networking app that helps family members and close friends stay in touch, is now making its way to the iPad.

According to Path, the app was built from the ground up and supports both landscape and portrait orientations. Path is especially excited about the landscape orientation, saying that it will provide a full collage of the day's events in a single pane, thanks to the iPad's larger screen screen size. Upon clicking on a photo in the collage of images and videos, users will get a full-screen view and see comments associated with it.

The iPad's 9.7-inch screen size has given Path more room to display user data on the home screen, including their feed, recent activity, and friends list.

Other than a few enhancements with screen size, Path on the iPad delivers the same experience users have had on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Path was founded by CEO Dave Morin, who left Facebook in 2010 to start the company. Napster creator Shawn Fanning was also involved in Path's development. The company has been growing rapidly, which has helped it attract investors. In April, Path announced a $30 million funding round led by Richard Branson, Facebook backer Yuri Milner, and Zynga founder and CEO Mark Pincus.

Path for iPad should be available any minute as a free download in Apple's App Store.