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SnipSnap coupon app brings money-saving savvy to Android

Save coupons with your phone's camera, grab coupons others have shared, and get notified when you're in a store that accepts any of them.

SnipSnap is finally available for Android.
SnipSnap is finally available for Android.

Last September, CNET's Matt Elliott told you about SnipSnap, a rather ingenious iOS app that turns printed coupons into mobile ones.

It's been a long wait, but SnipSnap has finally made its way to Android. And if you shop for anything, anywhere, ever, that should come as very good news.

SnipSnap is like a digital coupon wallet: instead of schlepping a pile of paper coupons to the store with you (or, if you're like me, forgetting to), you simply take snapshots of the ones you want, then present the app at checkout. When possible, SnipSnap cleverly converts a photographed coupon to a mobile-optimized one, which should make for an easier time with scanners, cashiers, etc.

But there's more to it than that. SnipSnap is also social, meaning you can access snipped coupons that others have shared -- friends and strangers alike. You can find and follow friends from your phone book or Facebook or Twitter accounts, but you can also tap Discover and then the Featured button to see great deals others have snipped and shared. (Call it crowd-couponing?) This is where SnipSnap really rocks: with just a few seconds of scrolling, I found useful coupons from the likes of Target, Starbucks, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Another neat feature: SnipSnap lets you bundle (i.e., organize) coupons into categories like restaurants, clothing, and groceries, which saves considerable time when you're trying to sift through your snips. It also auto-sorts them by store.

Coolest feature of all? Location awareness: the app can notify you when in you're in proximity of store that accepts a coupon you've snipped.

You can read Matt Elliott's aforementioned overview for more details, but know this: the Android version appears to be on par with the latest iOS version, despite discrepancies in their version numbers (1.01 and 2.21, respectively).

Also, this: SnipSnap rocks. It's one of my favorite apps for saving money. And you don't have to spend any to get it.