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Smartphone buyers in emerging markets want big screens too

A survey that targeted more than 1,300 smartphone users in countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Mexico found people craving devices with 5-inch and 5.5-inch screens.


Demand for big-screened smartphones is heating up around the world, according to a survey released Thursday.

Conducted by research firm Jana, the survey reached 1,386 smartphone users in nine countries in early June to gauge their preferences in two areas: screen size and video watching.

Big-screened smartphones have become increasingly popular among consumers in developed markets and now apparently in developing markets. Devices with displays ranging from 5 inches to 5.5 inches have become the latest craving among smartphone buyers. Apple's iPhone is still stuck at 4 inches, and that smaller screen size is possibly one reason why the company has been losing market share to Android vendors. Apple is expected to unveil at least one larger-screened smartphone this year, a 4.7-inch model, and potentially a 5.5-inch phablet-sized edition.

Jana's survey asked: "What screen size do you expect your next smartphone to have?" A phone with a 5-inch screen was the top reply in five of the nine countries, specifically India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Mexico.

Phones with 5.5-inch and higher displays took second place as the favorite in three countries: Kenya, South Africa, and Brazil.

In Nigeria, 4-inch screen sizes were picked by 19 percent of those polled, followed by 4.5-inch screens chosen by 18 percent and 5.5-inchers by 17 percent.

Though no longer a hot commodity in most markets, phones with 4-inch screens did have some fans outside of Nigeria due to the convenience of smaller devices. Among those fans, one commented that a 4-inch screened phone is the most portable. Another said it's easy to put in a pocket.

But overall, phones with displays of 5 inches and higher scored highest due to greater enjoyment in video watching, game playing, and reading. One person said a big screen is "more fun to play games and watch YouTube videos," while another said "the bigger size captures more words for reading and better images."

The survey also asked people if they use an app to watch video on their smartphones. In each country, the overwhelming majority said they do. But the users also cited some challenges in watching video on their phones, including slow speeds, buffering, and the high cost of data.

(Via The Next Web)