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Sketchy rumor: Acer's monster HD-DVD laptop?

Sketchy rumor: Acer's monster HD-DVD laptop?

IDG reports on Acer's plan to release a "laptop" with a 20.1-inch display, in the vein of the Dell XPS M2010, later this month in Asia. The unnamed Acer model will also come equipped with an HD-DVD drive, still a rare feature, and seen previously only on Toshiba's Qosmio G35-AV650.

The IDG article mentions that the new Acer laptop will be in the "high-end Aspire 8200 range" and projects an estimated price of $3,000--about $500 less than the XPS M2010's starting point. Acer doesn't sell an Aspire 8200 model that we know of; it's possible that the reporter confused it with the TravelMate 8200, which we reviewed back in January.

Other specs reported in the article: "twin 120GB hard-disk drives, Nvidia GeForce 7600 graphics, a TV tuner, and support for various audio technologies including Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect." The reported measurements of the Acer HD-DVD laptop would make it slightly smaller than the XPS M2010, though the two would fall in the same 18-to-20-pound weight class.

We're still waiting to hear back from our contact at Acer. We'll let you know...

Source: IDG: Computex: Acer to Launch HD DVD Laptop.

UPDATE: Confirmed. The new model will indeed be called the Aspire 8200, and will be available in July. (It will be a totally new model, not based on the existing TravelMate 8200 platform.) Pricing, though not finalized, should be "under $2,800." Get the straight dirt from Acer's own Website.