Silent Film Director: Old-school clip manipulation

Add some vintage flavor to your iPhone video clips with this straightforward, easy app, featuring effects like black and white and '70s home video.

Joe Aimonetti MacFixIt Editor
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Joe Aimonetti
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With all the hype over the quality of smartphone cameras, one app doesn't mind a little dust and scratches. Silent Film Director, from Macphun, gives people the ability to drop old-school effects on their video clips, add old-time music, and cut together a perfect silent film.

Formally Vintage Video Maker, this app has undergone a major upgrade for version 2.0, including a number of performance and stability upgrades, user interface enhancements, faster rendering, and new video effects.


Video clip effects include black and white, '20s movie, '60s home video, sepia, sepia vintage, and '70s home video. These are accessed through two modes: Standard or Pro. In Standard Mode, users only need to select or shoot a clip, choose their effect, the quality output (ranging from 192x144 pixels to full 720p HD 1,280 x 720 pixels ), a soundtrack (one of two piano clips, a movie projector sound, or something from iTunes), and the time scale of the clip (from .3x regular speed through 3x regular speed).

From start to finish, Silent Film Director is a straightforward, easy way to put some nice effects on your video clips. In Pro Mode, users get some editing options that help to create a more complex movie.

Check out Silent Film Director's official YouTube site for some samples.

Once you're finished, you can share your creation to Macphun's contest (via YouTube) and on Facebook, or save your clip to your Camera Roll. You can also e-mail what you've made to your friends and family. So, if you're looking to add a little flavor to your next iPhone video clip, pick up Silent Film Director from the iTunes App Store (now just $.99).