Sick of your plain white AirPods? Skin 'em, dude

Several startups are selling stick-on skins for the AirPods that give them a little different look.

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David Carnoy
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A few weeks back I wrote about Catalyst's strangely awesome AirPods Case, a protective waterproof cover for the AirPods charging case.

Turns out it wasn't the only new accessory for the AirPods. Like other hot Apple products in the past -- even products that are accessories themselves -- Apple's distinctive white 'buds seem to be spawning an entire cottage industry on their own.

The most common AirPods accessory so far is stick-on decals that allow you to "skin" your AirPods and give them a bit of flair.

AirVinylDesign sent over a set of its Music Mix monochrome black stickers. And then there are AirPods Skins ($8.25), which come in a variety of colors and adhere to the buds themselves. The online storefront calls them "stylish protectors."

Walmart.com sells the $7 Skin Decal Wrap that includes stickers for the buds and charging case. They aren't terribly attractive although they're advertised to "add style" to your AirPods.

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Air Vinyl's Music Mixer Series.

Air Vinyl

For $25, Slickwraps will create a custom decal for your AirPods charging case. Or it'll sell you a Black Carbon Series Skin for $15.

And Etsy is loaded with AirPods decals, including the Monogram Decal AirPods Sticker and my personal favorite, the $3.50 Jonyive-Jonyive Parody Floss Sticker. I also like the $3 Airpod Classic Sticker that adds an iPod clickwheel to your AirPods charging case.

Apple's earbuds only come in one color, white, and I'm betting Apple won't diversify that color choice anytime soon. So you should expect see a whole lot more AirPods decals, for better or worse.

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AirPods Skins come in a variety of colors.

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET