Share some but not all of your photos when you hand someone your iPhone

The Here, Look app lets you sequester a group of photos to share so you can hand your iPhone to friends without them swiping to a photo you may not wish them to see.

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Matt Elliott
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When you hand a friend or family member your iPhone so he or she can look at a photo or two, you don't necessarily want that person to have unfettered access to your entire photo library. Perhaps your mom swipes from cute photos taken at Sunday brunch to the last photos you took at the conclusion of a wild Saturday night just hours before.

Spend 99 cents (£0.69/AU$1.29) on Here, Look and you can avoid those awkward photo-oversharing moments. The app lets you select a group of photos, which it then sequesters and presents as if they were in the normal Photos app.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Launch the Here, Look app and you are able to select photos from your Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or an album. Select one and then you can tap on the thumbnails of the photos you'd like to share. Selected thumbnails are outlined in bright green. When you have your selection set, tap the "Here, Look" button in the upper-right corner. The app then opens the first photo of the group in full-screen, which looks no different than viewing photos in the regular iOS Photos app. You can swipe through to view each photo in the group, and you can pinch to zoom just as you would in the Photos app. To exit full-screen mode in Here, Look, triple tap on a photo to return to the Albums view.

Actually, I should say that viewing full-screen photos with Here, Look looks nearly no different than doing so with the regular Photos app. Here, Look displayed every photo in landscape mode on my iPhone 5S -- no matter if they were shot in portrait or landscape originally, which is a serious demerit. Hopefully this issue will get fixed with the app's next update.

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