Sentien Audio: The next true wearable?

CNET's Iyaz Akhtar tried out a prototype of the Sentien Audio headset, a pair of bone-conduction headphones designed to be worn all day.

Iyaz Akhtar Principal Video Producer
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Iyaz Akhtar
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When I first heard of the Sentien Audio headset, I thought I was reading the pitch from yet another company touting the future. Its Kickstarter touts its headset as "Your New Superpower." What could be so great about a pair of $300 bone-conduction headphones? The company says you can put these headphones on in the morning and then take them off at night like you would your glasses.

Sentien claimed 24 hours of battery life with 10 hours of continuous usage. It says the headset is comfortable enough to wear all day. I received the prototype and immediately put it to the test.


A prototype of the Sentien Audio headset, which is due to ship in September.

Iyaz Akhtar/CNET

These bone-conduction headphones are the first to have an adjustable band on the back. They weigh a little over an ounce. I will say that they were very comfortable. The headset even fit easily around my glasses.

The battery life on the prototypes also lived up to the claims. A full charge takes about an hour, but the Sentien Audio headset keeps going all day. I found myself putting on the headset in the morning for meetings, listening to music throughout the day and taking them off at night. The open design means I can still cue into the real world whenever I need to.

There's one button on the device and that's for power and pairing. The rest is handled by touchpads. For a prototype, everything worked really well.

Since these are bone-conduction headphones, you are going to get thin-sounding music. But the Sentien Audio headset gives you a way to stay connected to your devices and the real world without the hassle of putting on a pair of headphones, taking them off and worrying about battery life. Additionally, the headset can pair with two devices at once, so going between a laptop and a phone was seamless. There's a lot more to know about this product. Take a look at the video above for more impressions.