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Sennheiser MM200: Bluetooth, auf Deutsch

Sennheiser has told us about its first stereo Bluetooth headset, and for £99 you've every reason to be curious

Sennheiser's earphones have for a long time been popular as upgrades from the useless bundled earphones that come with most MP3 players. In fact, two pairs of Sennheisers feature in our 'Best earphones for under £80' round-up -- a rare occurrence indeed.

Not content with dominating our mid-range earphone round-ups though, the German manufacturer has sneezed out its first stereo Bluetooth headset, the MM200.

Launching later this year, the £99 MM200 will be suitable for use with MP3 players, mobile phones and, thanks to some electronic jiggery pokery, MP3 players and mobile phones simultaneously.

You'll get the usual call-management features of a Bluetooth headset, with the added bonus that these are sound-isolating Sennheiser earphones, and so almost certainly decent sonic performers.

Their neodymium-backed magnets will respond to frequencies between 18Hz-22kHz, and should give you roughly 10 hours of listening and talking time.

All being well we'll have an ears-on report for you later this week, so watch this space for a first look and further launch date info. -Nate Lanxon