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Sennheiser lends ears to Phonebloks modular mobile phone

The audio experts at Sennheiser are lending an ear to the Lego-like bolt-together Phonebloks modular mobile phone backed by Google.

The Phonebloks modular mobile concept Phonebloks

Sennheiser is the latest company to bolt its expertise onto the bolt-together Phonebloks phone, a modular mobile device being developed by Google.

Google's Project Ara is the name given to a phone built out of Lego-like interchangeable components or "bloks", allowing you to customise and upgrade the device to your heart's content. High-end headphone manufacturer Sennheiser is lending an ear to Phonebloks by adding its audio expertise to the speech function and audio transmission.

The modular phone is a joint effort by the big brains at various companies. Phonebloks is a concept phone conceived by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens and now developed by Motorola's Advanced Technology and Projects group, the future-building research and development team absorbed into Google even when the rest of Motorola is sold to Lenovo. Some parts of the phone are set to be 3D printed by 3D Systems, and the project is also recruiting developers and partners like Sennheiser.

The results of this collaboration could be with us as soon as next January for as little as $50. Of course, with all these people involved, compatibility could be an issue.

Other modular mobiles include the ZTE Eco-Mobius concept phone . Camera manufacturer Ricoh also tried a modular snapper a few years ago, but the GXR camera system never took off.

Is Phonebloks the future of phones? Assemble your thoughts in the comments.