Seesmic launches iPhone app

The social-network aggregator debuts iPhone app, letting you follow and update your Twitter, Facebook, and Ping.fm feeds in one shot.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney

Seesmic's new iPhone app.
Seesmic's new iPhone app. Seesmic

With software for the Web, Windows, Android, and the BlackBerry already under its belt, Seesmic has unveiled its first app for the iPhone.

The popular social-network aggregator offers you the ability to tap into Twitter and other social networks from one single interface. Its new free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch specifically lets you add your accounts from Twitter, Facebook, and Ping.fm. Ping.fm, which helps you manage different social networks and bookmarking sites, is owned by Seeismic, so its inclusion makes sense.

Each account shows up as a separate space on the app's dashboard screen. Selecting a blank space prompts you to add a new account to track. Beyond adding your main accounts, you can also add lists, trending topics, and even specific searches from Twitter--for example, I set up a feed that displays my own tweets or other tweets that mention me.

Once your spaces are all set up, you can view each feed individually but post to multiple feeds in one fell swoop if you wish. The posting screen also lets you easily add links to photos and include your location via a geotagging feature. You can even save important tweets and Facebook posts to Evernote, a Web-based note-taking program available as its own iPhone app.

The new app joins Seesmic's growing list of free apps, including those for the Web, Windows, Adobe AIR, Android, and the BlackBerry.