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Samsung's mobile chief JK Shin has a better day in Berlin

Shin appears undeterred in unveiling new products at IFA, despite his company's recent trial loss to Apple. "Regardless of any hindrance, Samsung will continue to provide outstanding, innovative and unique products," he said.

Plaintiff's exhibit No. 40, Apple v. Samsung (Click to enlarge).

Shin was in Berlin today at the IFA consumer electronics show to unveil Samsung's latest mobile products, including the Samsung Ativ S, the first smartphone running Windows Phone 8, and the Galaxy Note 2. During his remarks, Shin made no direct reference to Apple or the lawsuit, but stated: 

"Regardless of any hindrance, Samsung will continue to provide outstanding, innovative and unique products that stand out in the telecom industry."

The "hindrance" is not out of the way, but the good news is that Samsung's newer product families, including the popular Galaxy S III smartphone and the Galaxy Note, so far are not part of any Apple lawsuits and are more differentiated from the iPhone than older Samsung products. With a broad array of both Android and Window 8 mobile devices, Samsung hopes that it can be the most viable hardware alternative to Apple. 

So far the strategy is working, at least from a market share perspective. For the second quarter of 2012, Samsung had 32.6 percent share of the worldwide market for smartphones, compared with 17 percent in the same quarter a year earlier, according to IDC. Apple had 16.9 percent share, down from 18.8 during that same period. On the iPad front, Samsung and its Android- and Windows 8-powered rivals will have a higher hill to climb. Apple has more than 60 percent of the worldwide market for tablets at this juncture.

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