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Samsung X830: Flick phone

Looking for an innovative music phone that will fit in the palm of your hand? Then you might want to check out the Samsung X830

Let's face it: some music phones can be rather boring. While the masses walk around with trendy-looking iPods, those of us brave enough to go for the all-in-one device don't always manage to look quite so cool.

Fortunately, Samsung has designed a music phone that's a little different from the norm. From the outside it looks like an MP3 player roughly the size of a Tunnock Caramel Wafer, but when you flick it open... hey presto, a set of keys appears.

It also has a mechanical scroll wheel, so you can navigate through tracks as easily as you can on a first-generation iPod, and 1GB of internal memory, which is enough storage space to hold about 240 of your favourite songs. You can also use it as a mass storage device.

If you're not keen on the iPod Shuffle because you don't want to have to carry another device around then this might be your solution. Before getting this phone for its music-playing capabilities, though, you may want to note that it doesn't accept normal headphones -- you'll have to make do with the provided ones.

It's currently available for free on a monthly contract and comes in a variety of colours, including black (pictured) and pink. -AL

Update: a full review of the Samsung X830 is now live.