Samsung wins one in Apple patent-infringement case

The company was found to not be violating a patent Apple holds related to mobile touchscreens.

Samsung today won an important ruling against Apple in Germany.

The Mannheim Regional Court ruled today that Samsung does not violate a patent Apple holds related to touchscreen functionality in mobile devices. According to the Korea Times, which was first to report on the judgement, the patent in question relates to the way a touchscreen interprets finger inputs.

Apple and Samsung have been waging a bitter patent battle all over the world. Neither company had gained an upper hand until last month when a jury in San Jose, Calif., charged Samsung with copying Apple's products. Over the next few months, Samsung could be forced to pay out over $1 billion in damages and might see some of its mobile devices banned from sale.

Samsung told the Korea Times in a statement today that it plans to "continue to further develop and introduce products that enhance the lives of German consumers."

According to Reuters, the court didn't just stop at Samsung. Motorola, which was also cited in an Apple lawsuit over the touchscreen technology, was likewise found not to violate the iPhone maker's patent.

Apple, of course, isn't in danger of running out of claims. The company has several lawsuits against both Samsung and Motorola in courts across the U.S. and Europe. Many of those suits likely won't be resolved for several months.

Meanwhile, Apple's competitors are reportedly considering firing more salvos. Earlier this month, reports surfaced, saying Samsung would launch a lawsuit against Apple's iPhone 5 over its use of 4G LTE. The company claims the integration violates patents it holds related to the speedy wireless service.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment on today's ruling.