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Samsung will pay you up to $300 for your phone

Looking to switch to a Galaxy S III? Samsung just made it a bit easier.

The Samsung Galaxy S III. Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung Electronics is looking to press its momentum with the Galaxy S III smartphone.

The Korean electronics conglomerate said it will offer up to $300 for an existing smartphone if you switch to one of its phones. You can check out the offer here.

Samsung has emerged as a dominant player in the smartphone business, taking the crown away from Apple. While Apple has its limited iPhone lineup, Samsung has been able to take the lead on the back of a wide variety of smartphones. But its flagship Galaxy S III has proven to be a blockbuster around the world.

Consumers can get a quote for their phone, purchase a Samsung phone, and mail in the old phone within 30 days. Samsung will then mail back a check for the device.

Only a 64GB iPhone 4S on AT&T with HSPA+ will net you the full $300. The same phone on Verizon and Sprint with CDMA is only worth $250.

Move past the newer iPhone, and the refund check starts to shrink. HTC's own flagship One X for AT&T is only worth $175. Motorola's Razr Maxx, which costs $250 with a two-year contract at Verizon Wireless, is worth $200. A BlackBerry Bold 9930 will net $135.

Like the iPhone, Samsung has an advantage in distribution because its flagship Galaxy S III is available on virtually every carrier in the U.S.