Is this Samsung's next high-end Android flip phone?

Live images were spotted of what is said to be a high-end flipper.

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If one screen isn't enough, flip this phone open to find the other.


If bezel-less phones are too boring, feast your eyes on something that folds or flips.

Samsung, which has an affinity for high end flip phones, may be working on a new Android-powered flip phone called the SM-W2018. And after seeing some hands-on pictures that could be linked to the device, we're kind of jealous.

Pictures of the rumored SM-W2018 were posted by Chinese phone tipster @MMDDJ on Twitter. The W2018 is assumed to be Samsung's follow up to this year's W2017 flip phone, with high-performing specs like 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 835 chip.

Although you have to scrounge to find a modern handset that isn't shaped like a shingle, Samsung and LG have continued making limited quantities of Android flip phones for select Asian countries. Still, the industry is clearly thirsting for change, at least in theory. 

Phone makers have begun experimenting with flexible display and designs that could fold and bend. ZTE rushed forward with the Axon M, which has two interactive screens and opens like a book (or a tablet). 

If this thing is real, you'll most likely drool from afar. Samsung's W flip phones are mostly limited to China. And according to rumors that price the phone around $2,000 (which is about £1,520 or AU$2,600), the phone isn't exactly a steal.

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Even if flip phones aren't your thing, Samsung is also reported to be working on phones with foldable displays. So whether it's flip phones or folding phones, we're excited to see phone makers try something different.

Samsung did not respond to a request for comment.

ZTE's Axon M is a flip phone with twice the screens

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