Samsung SpaceSelfie satellite crashes onto Michigan farm

The spacecraft was sent to space with a Galaxy S10 to create out-of-this-world selfies.

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Samsung SpaceSelfie Satellite

Samsung's SpaceSelfie satellite didn't have a long trip into space. 


Samsung Europe launched a Galaxy S10 into space earlier this month for people to get their own "SpaceSelfie." It apparently crashed back on Earth not long after. 

The satellite had a rough landing on a Michigan farm Saturday, according to NBC News. The tech giant reportedly said the crash occurred during the satellite's planned descent.

"Samsung Europe's SpaceSelfie came back down to Earth," Samsung told NBC News. "During this planned descent of the balloon to land in the US, weather conditions resulted in an early soft landing in a selected rural area." 

Samsung Europe didn't immediately respond to a request for further comment. 

One of the owners of the farm took a video of the downed spacecraft that had Samsung logos all over it. They said there was no damage to their home and no animals were hurt. 

Samsung Europe launched its SpaceSelfie campaign on Oct. 23 at a London event with actor and model Cara Delevingne. People could upload their pictures to a balloon spacecraft carrying a Galaxy S10, which would then take a snapshot of that image with the Earth as its backdrop. 


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