Samsung SGH-X660: Another Samsung clamshell. Yay

Yes that's right, it's another Samsung clamshell phone and this time it's called the SGH-X660. This isn't the most exciting phone you will ever see but it is light, wieghing only 78g

Andrew Lim
2 min read

There are some small things that just don't suit big men. For instance, Mazda MX5s, pot-holing and those tiny little cappuccino cup handles. This includes, of course, small mobile phones that are usually designed with women in mind and don't usually appeal to men, big or small.

The Samsung SGH-X660 is indeed a small phone and while it does give off a certain MX5 vibe, it's not small enough to induce cramp in your hand while using it. When it arrived, we didn't immediately grab the packaging and rip it open, as it is after all just another Samsung clamshell phone. However, there's something appealing about its short and stout shape, and like the British summer, we began to warm to it -- gently -- over time.

It's a very basic tri-band clamshell mobile phone that has an almost identical menu to the Samsung SGH-S400i, without the i-mode icon. It features a 0.3-megapixel camera, an external monochrome LCD screen, a 65k internal colour screen, speakerphone, infrared and a WAP browser.

In terms of design, it's also very simple and Samsung hasn't strayed too far from its trademark clamshell design. Overall, this phone won't change your mobile life and we weren't impressed with the lack of Bluetooth and the poor audio quality, but it is light at 78g and it will slip easily into your pocket.

You can get it on pay as you go from £80 to £100 and free with a monthly contract on tariffs from £15 upwards on Orange and T-Mobile. Expect a full review soon. -AL