Samsung ad suggests Galaxy Note 8 is about love

Commentary: In a new commercial, the Note 8 plays a pivotal role in making two millennials whole, not just productive.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


That moment when you just have to say "I love you" on a Note 8.

Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's big and lovely.

But somehow I've always associated Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 with being a phone for power users who need it for business, rather than young lovers who need it to seem more alluring.

Yet here's Samsung with an ad for the Note 8 -- which debuted on Friday -- that is all heart.

We're at a party. A young woman is using her S Pen to say hello to a young man with a Live Message.

Oddly, he's sitting only a few feet from her. Which might incite the question: "Why doesn't she just go over and talk to him?"

Her S Pen greeting goes well. The young man sidles over. Warm feelings blossom. They appear to go on dates. Well, at least one. 

The rest of the time they're using their Note 8s to send each other imaginative messages of affection. 

And then, sitting in the back of a Lyft (It must be a Lyft. She's too thoughtful to use Uber), the woman is overcome with a deep feeling. 

It's so deep that she has to express it via her Note 8, rather than, say, wait until she sees her lover again.

She tells him that she thinks she loves him.

As for his response, I'll leave you to decide whether it's charming or the typical sort of marginally aloof thing you'd expect from a tech-era millennial. 

I wonder if they'll stand across from each other and send each other their marriage vows through Live Messages too.

Please don't worry, the vows would be projected on a screen above the altar for everyone to see and admire.

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