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Samsung reduces its LTE chip cost by half

ABI Research takes a look inside the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and finds a surprisingly cheap(er) chip tucked in it.

For every new iteration of mobile phones, it's easy to assume that products are getting pricier because the insides are getting just as expensive.

A Samsung LTE and Via Telecom CDMA chip ABI Research

I mean, it makes sense that as technology gets better and faster, manufacturers and consumers are paying top dollar to get their hands on it, right?

Surprisingly, however, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has something inside of it that makes it faster, but it costs a lot less.

According to ABI Research, a market intelligence company one of the many services of which appears to be tearing up phones and taking pictures of them, the Galaxy Nexus runs on a Via Telecom CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A integrated circuit with a Samsung LTE baseband integrated circuit.

While this chip combo is nothing new and can be found inside many of Samsung's Verizon phones, the Galaxy Nexus sports a newer version of the LTE baseband chip, which is estimated to cost half as much as its $23 predecessor.

ABI Research stated that this cost reduction is "an important milestone in securing the rapid migration to LTE throughout the world."

Other notable organs of the phone include a 1.2GHz OMAP4460 application processor, an NFC antenna embedded in the phone battery, and a CSR GPS single chip.

And if you're interested in knowing more about the insides of other Samsung Galaxy devices (because why wouldn't you be?), check out Samsung Tomorrow's dissection of the Samsung Galaxy Note.