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Samsung outs more details on Galaxy S3 Premium Suite upgrade

The company says a host of new features will be available, including a new camera option called Best Face.


Samsung last week unveiled the first group of new features coming to its Galaxy S3. Now, it has unveiled the second group.

The company earlier today updated its blog with more new features coming to the Galaxy S3 through its Premium Suite upgrade. The handset's camera features are getting a lot of attention in the new update. The Premium Suite upgrade adds a low-light-shot feature, ensuring better picture-taking in dark environments. A Best Face feature allows users to take five pictures consecutively and then choose which to keep. Samsung has also added a camera feature that tells users how many faces it can detect in the preview.

Aside from that, Samsung says that the Premium Suite upgrade will come with an "easy mode" for novice users who only want to view the five most-frequently used widgets on their home screen. A sound balance mode lets users adjust the volume balance in either earphone.

Samsung announced on Friday that the Premium Suite upgrade pack would be making its way to the Galaxy S3. In that announcement, the company released a video showing a host of new features, including the ability to view a Facebook Newsfeed on the lock screen and a prediction engine that determines what a person wants to do with the handset based on their actions.

Samsung has previously announced the Premium Suite upgrade for the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Samsung hasn't said when it will start rolling out its upgrade. The company said the "availability and timing" of the update will "vary depending on country and mobile carrier."

Here's a video showcasing the latest updates: