Samsung: No interest in Mozilla's Firefox OS

CNET has learned that the biggest potential partner will skip Mozilla's browser-based smartphone OS. Samsung has other operating system priorities -- Android and Tizen.

BARCELONA, Spain--Mozilla and a slew of allies debuted Firefox OS this week -- but one powerful potential partner is passing.

That company is Samsung, which like Apple is a dominant smartphone maker. A high-level Samsung executive said at the Mobile World Congress show here that Samsung isn't interested in Mozilla's browser-based operating system.

That shouldn't come as a surprise given the company's other mobile operating system choices. Samsung is the top dog in the Android market -- its new flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone will debut March 14 -- and the most obvious OS alternative is Tizen.

Samsung plans to launch its first Tizen-based smartphone in July or August.

Firefox OS does have some serious allies among handset manufacturers: Huawei, LG Electronics, ZTE, and Alcatel. In addition, a Spanish startup called Geeksphone is building two models for Firefox OS developers.

Those phones, the Geeksphone Peak and Keon, should go on sale through the company's Web site "in coming weeks," the company said today.